#37 - Roland & Gary | AirVape USA

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Our friends Roland and Gary from AirVape USA hit the studio and talk shop with BJ. So, of course, we talk about cannabis and how great it is in vape form. Roland and Gary also fill us in on the company's humble beginnings, striving to be eco-friendly in a world of disposable vapes, and how the whole idea started from a sketch in a notebook.
In partnership with AirVapeUSA, we will be launching a new, monthly series called "Vaped Crusaders", which will run right here in the WAYWO.TV feed on the 20th of every month.

So BJ set out to learn more about our new friends at AirVape and talk about products like the AirVape X, which BJ uses every day at 6pm. (If that seems like an oddly specific reference, you'll have to listen to the whole episode to get it!)

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#37 - Roland & Gary | AirVape USA
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