WAYWO.TV is hosted by B.J. Mendelson and provides Creatives with a safe, comfortable, and calming place to promote the things they're working on.

New episodes are released every Wednesday. Just search for "What Are You Working On?" where all podcasts can be found.

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#28 - Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke pops into the studio to talk with BJ about comics and graphic novels, including her new release, Oh My Gods!. Also writing video games, managing multip...

#27 - Matthew McCarthy

Matt McCarthy stops in to talk about a whole bunch of stuff. Geico Commercials, How We Roll on CBS, the nature of entertaining, the longevity of stand-up comedy, the n...

#26 - LaToya Morgan

Writer, director, and producer LaToya Morgan joins BJ about her brand new, six issue series Dark Blood. She also talks about her new show that's in development co-crea...

#25 - Tehran

Comedian Tehran pops in to talk about being a comedian, shifting career paths, and what it's like being almost famous and almost homeless at the same time.

#23 - Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig joins us to talk about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just kidding, we talk about acting, the creative process, and enjoying free time.

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