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Stupid Sexy Privacy: Put Your Pants On and Turn Off Facial Recognition

In today's episode of Stupid Sexy Privacy, comedian and WAYWO.TV Reporter, Rosie Tran, talks about how to keep your data, and yourself, safe when traveling internation...

#58 - Raffy Regulus | NYC Gaymers

Our announcer Jon is still on vacation, but the big wheel keeps on turning! We have Raffy Regulus on the show today to talk about their Non-Profit, NYC Gaymers! BJ &am...

#57 - Dean Haspiel, American Comic Book Legend

Like the title of this week's episode says, Comic Book legend, Dean Haspiel, joins us for the show. We went deep on creativity, comic books, and ... "The Swimmer"?

Stupid Sexy Privacy: There's Probably a Hidden Camera Watching You Sleep. Probably.

This week, comedian and WAYWO.TV reporter, Rosie Tran tells you how to spot hidden cameras in your hotel rooms and Airbnbs, as well as other ways to keep yourself and ...

#56 - Ryan David, Director of Futura Days

Filmmaker Ryan David joins the show to talk about his new project, Futura Days, and what it's like to make indie films.

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