SSP: How You Can Save The Planet By Securely Storing Your Files Offline

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The "Cloud" has a bigger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry. It's also not secure. So if someone wants to mess with you, or worse, blackmail you after accessing your iCloud, GDrive, or Dropbox data? They absolutely can. Instead, we want you to go old school. So this week, Rosie explains why you want to get a nice external hard drive, encrypt a folder or the entire drive, and save your stuff there.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show
Veracrypt (Wired's article on how to use it)
Toshiba Canvio Flex External HD (Portable)
Seagate Backup Plus Hub External HD (NOT portable. This drive needs to be plugged in.)
ProtonDrive (comes with a ProtonMail account, which we recommended here in a previous episode.)
TP Link AX3000 Router

Also In This Episode ...

This episode also contains the last part of BJ's first book on privacy — written back in 2017 —  as read by Broadway actor Roger Wayne. After this week, every remaining episode will include an interview with a privacy and security expert! 

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And before we go ...

Thanks to the interview in Slate, we're overwhelmed with requests for Privacy Audits.


We want to let you know BJ and Amanda are recording a two-hour video course that you can purchase.

The course will include every step from the privacy audit and examples of how to put those steps into practice.

If you'd like to know when the course is available, email BJ at with Privacy Course in the subject line.
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Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
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Andrew VanVoorhis
Editor for Stupid Sexy Privacy: A WAYWO.TV Special Report
SSP: How You Can Save The Planet By Securely Storing Your Files Offline
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