Andrew VanVoorhis

Editor for Stupid Sexy Privacy: A WAYWO.TV Special Report

Appears in 5 Episodes

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Put Your Pants On and Turn Off Facial Recognition

In today's episode of Stupid Sexy Privacy, comedian and WAYWO.TV Reporter, Rosie Tran, talks about how to keep your data, and yourself, safe when traveling internation...

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Now Every Car Is Creepy, Not Just Your Windowless Van

In today's episode of our special report, "Stupid Sexy Privacy", we reveal just how much your car knows about you. And hey, guess what's cool again? Auxiliary cables!

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Your Smart TV May Be The Biggest Snitch In Your Home

Your TV has been watching you watch ... Well, everything. And it's not keeping those embarrassing secrets to itself! Find out who your SmartTV is snitching on you with...

Stupid Sexy Privacy: All The Things That Can See You Naked

In this week's episode of our WAYWO.TV special report on Privacy, comedian Rosie Tran shares something you should know about all of the Internet-connected devices in y...

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Why You Should Buy a Privacy Notebook, Right Now

In today's episode of our WAYWO.TV special report, Stupid Sexy Privacy, we tell you why you should get a privacy notebook. A nice one. Don't cheap out on this one, bro.

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