What's (Club) Got To Do With It & Why You Need a Yubikey

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No more passwords, only yubikeys! Rosie explains why you should lock up your email account and even references a pop-culture relic to explain the power of hardware authentication devices. You don't want to miss it.
We're big fans of Tina Turner; what can we say? This week, we're talking about how to secure your email account. First, by using a hardware authentication device like a Yubikey (or Google's Titan Key if you prefer.)

We also discuss utilizing Google's Advance Threat Protection Program for Gmail users who want additional security.

A pretty straightforward episode this week, but no less an important one, so don't miss it!

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show

Google's Advance Threat Protection Program


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Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Stand up Comedian & Podcaster - The Original #CryptoKitty! My 1/2 hour comedy special on NBC ⬇️
Andrew VanVoorhis
Editor for Stupid Sexy Privacy: A WAYWO.TV Special Report
What's (Club) Got To Do With It & Why You Need a Yubikey
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