Stupid Sexy Privacy: Your Smart TV May Be The Biggest Snitch In Your Home

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Your TV has been watching you watch ... Well, everything. And it's not keeping those embarrassing secrets to itself! Find out who your SmartTV is snitching on you with, and we'll also tell you what the best stickers are for covering up your cameras.
Episode Summary

In today's episode of Stupid Sexy Privacy, comedian and WAYWO.TV Reporter, Rosie Tran, talks about how your SmartTVs spy on you through a technology called Automatic Content Recognition. We'll tell you how to turn off ACR (hint, look at the links below), and we'll also cover Silent Pocket's privacy stickers. Leave no internet connected camera uncovered!

All this and more from BJ's first book on Privacy, as read by Broadway Actor, Roger Wayne. 

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Creators and Guests

Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Stand up Comedian & Podcaster - The Original #CryptoKitty! My 1/2 hour comedy special on NBC ⬇️
Andrew VanVoorhis
Editor for Stupid Sexy Privacy: A WAYWO.TV Special Report
Jon Ingram
Jon Ingram
Exec. Prod for WAYWO.TV 又 currently cooking up hits with @mollymollyxo 又 i also make music for streamers 又 i make noise @loam_loam
Stupid Sexy Privacy: Your Smart TV May Be The Biggest Snitch In Your Home
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