Want to Stay Safe on a Date? This Episode Is For You

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Rosie is joined by "How To Protect Yourself From Fascists and Weirdos" co-author, Amanda King, to go down a comprehensive list of tools and tactics you can use to stay safe and secure while out on a date.
This week, the women of our show kick BJ to the curb and go deep on tips, tricks, and apps you can use to keep safe while going out on a date.

There's A LOT covered in this episode, but some of the highlights of what's covered by Rosie and Amanda King (co-author of "How to Protect Yourself From Fascists and Weirdos) include: How to avoid getting blackmailed, why you should use all new photos for your dating profile and remove the EXIF data from them, what tools you should know like Garbo.io and Noonlight, and why you should break up with someone at a Walmart. (A Mendelson Family tradition.)

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show

Remove EXIF information from your photos here.
California Consumer Privacy Act (Now in effect!)
Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act <-- This page is not as helpful as the California one. We're looking for an alternative.
GDPR Data Removal Request (UK and European Union only)
Spot Infrared Imager to spot hidden cameras
Noonlight app
Stop Apple AirTag stalking with:
Light Blue (ios) AirGuard (Android)
Garbo.io Background Checks
BurnerApp / Google Voice (see the previous episode for more!)
TinEye.com Reverse Image Search
If someone is trying to blackmail you online, read this.

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And before we go ...

Thanks to the interview in Slate, we're overwhelmed with requests for Privacy Audits.


We want to let you know BJ and Amanda are recording a two-hour video course that you can purchase.

The course will include every step from the privacy audit and examples of how to put those steps into practice.

If you'd like to know when the course is available, email BJ at BJMendelson@Duck.com with Privacy Course in the subject line.
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Want to Stay Safe on a Date? This Episode Is For You
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