SSP: So, Uh ... What's ChatGPT3 and Other Generative AIs Doing With My Face?

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You ever have a doctor take photos of your condition for further examination? How about an MRI? Have you had one of those? We like to think that HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) protects us here in the US. But increasingly ... It doesn't.

So over the next few weeks, we'll talk about who's collecting your medical information, how they're using it, and who they're sharing it with. And this series is wild because we're not only talking about pictures of that funny-looking mole you have. We're talking about the neural patterns of your brain and how it acts as you make decisions in Virtual Reality.

First things first, though:
This week, we're going to look at services like MyChart, Phreesia, and the MANY doctor's offices that utilize Facebook's Tracking Pixel on their website.

We'll tell you how to stop these companies from collecting and sharing your data, and then we'll explain why you want to do that.

I mean, unless you want a generative AI like Chat GPT3 to be looking at photos of your favorite private parts and drawing some really interesting conclusions to share with others. (A real thing that's already happened.)

Also, In Today's Episode ...

BJ Speaks with Matthew D Green at John Hopkins University Information Security Institute to follow up on our previous episode concerning "The Cloud" and why you shouldn't put your important stuff in there.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show
-Email to opt out of their data collection
-Call your doctor's office to see what data is being shared and collected on you by companies like My Chart and request to opt out.
the Tor Browser when visiting any websites related to managing your health care.
Use PimEyes to see who is using pictures of your face.
-Use the pictures found by PimEyes to search to make sure your photos aren't being used to train generative AIs like ChatGPT3
Request Clearview AI remove any pictures they have on you here.
-'s Data Opt-Out Request List

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And before we go ...

Thanks to the interview in Slate, we're overwhelmed with requests for Privacy Audits.


We want to let you know BJ and Amanda are recording a two-hour video course that you can purchase.

The course will include every step from the privacy audit and examples of how to put those steps into practice.

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SSP: So, Uh ... What's ChatGPT3 and Other Generative AIs Doing With My Face?
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