Don't Leave Home Without These 3 Apps On Your Phone

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Listen, the same way you should never leave the house without $20 cash in your pocket, you should never leave your phone without these three apps. Plus we got a bonus must have for your laptops as well.
Episode Summary

This week is super simple. There are four programs everyone should have.  3 of which you can use on both your laptop and phone, and one that's desktop only (ClamAV).

So, when you're done listening to today's episode, you're going to want to download and use these.

Pro-Tip: Always activate your VPN if you're out and about. You can't trust every public Wi-FI spot that's out there. And while many are legit, it's just as easy to activate your VPN before connecting to any of them on your phone.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show

Signal <-- Free
DuckDuckGo Browser <-- Free
ClamAV <--Free
ProtonVPN <-- Free plan available


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Don't Leave Home Without These 3 Apps On Your Phone
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