Stupid Sexy Privacy: Now Every Car Is Creepy, Not Just Your Windowless Van

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In today's episode of our special report, "Stupid Sexy Privacy", we reveal just how much your car knows about you. And hey, guess what's cool again? Auxiliary cables!

Episode Summary

In today's episode of Stupid Sexy Privacy, comedian and WAYWO.TV Reporter, Rosie Tran, talks about how much data your car is collecting on you. 

The bad news is, in the US, legislation to limit the collection and sale of this data to data brokers from car manufacturers is non-existent. 

The good news? There are still things you can do to protect yourself, like getting a cheap auxiliary cable and using that to connect to your car's entertainment system. Rosie explains. 

All this and more from BJ's first book on Privacy, as read by Broadway Actor, Roger Wayne. 

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show

Mic-Lock sells microphone blockers that you can purchase here.

Set up a burner phone if you MUST sync your phone to your car. Here's how to get a decent burner and set it up for max security, whether you're going to use the phone for music or protests.

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Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Rosie Tran 🇺🇸
Stand up Comedian & Podcaster - The Original #CryptoKitty! My 1/2 hour comedy special on NBC ⬇️
Andrew VanVoorhis
Editor for Stupid Sexy Privacy: A WAYWO.TV Special Report
Stupid Sexy Privacy: Now Every Car Is Creepy, Not Just Your Windowless Van
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