#54 - Rob Richie of FairVote.org

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Rank Choice Voting. You've heard us mention it at the start of some of our episodes so far. But what is it? And why is it awesome for Democracy? Rob Richie, leader of FairVote explains in today's episode.
In today's episode of WAYWO.TV, B.J. Mendelson interviews Rob Richie of FairVote about what Rank Choice Voting is, how it works, and what it would mean for states where the local elections often come down to a rich, out-of-touch Democrat or your local Nazi.

We also talk about the 2000 Presidential Election and how Rank Choice Voting would have stopped Florida from going to Bush. (Actually, it shouldn't have gone to Bush anyway, but that's a discussion for a different show.)

If you like discussions on how a functioning democracy should work, this is the episode for you.

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#54 - Rob Richie of FairVote.org
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