#70 - Gregg Spiridellis

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Gregg Spiridellis is the co-founder of an exciting piece of Internet History, as well as a show many kids (including yours!) are watching all around the world on Netflix. He talks with BJ about StoryBlocks, starting JibJab, and how he stays on top of the latest technology trends.
This week, BJ is joined in the George Carlin Podcast Studio by Mr. Gregg Spiridellis. Gregg is the co-creator of JibJab (Yes. That JibJab for our fellow Millenials and Gen X'ers), and Storybots. 

In this episode, Gregg tells the story of how Storybots went from YouTube Channel to a multimillion-dollar Netflix acquisition and the influence Sesame Street has on the show.

Gregg also shares some terrific advice about how he uses technology to help drive his creative process and why you should always kill your darlings.

Not literally. But you know what we mean if you're listening to this show.

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#70 - Gregg Spiridellis
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