#57 - Dean Haspiel, American Comic Book Legend

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Like the title of this week's episode says, Comic Book legend, Dean Haspiel, joins us for the show. We went deep on creativity, comic books, and ... "The Swimmer"?
Dean Haspiel is the long-time collaborator of Harvey Pekar ("American Splendor") and that doesn't even begin to cover the breadth of his comic book work. Come listen about his current work on a Superman project, and stay for the talk about creativity and why it's important to surround yourself with fellow creatives.

There's also a reference to the 1968 film, "The Swimmer" starring Burt Lancaster, and that is just an amazing sentence to type.

Speaking of amazing? Dean is still using Live Journal. You can visit him here.
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#57 - Dean Haspiel, American Comic Book Legend
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