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#54 - Rob Richie of FairVote.org

Rank Choice Voting. You've heard us mention it at the start of some of our episodes so far. But what is it? And why is it awesome for Democracy? Rob Richie, leader of ...

#53 - Maura Quint -Americans for Tax Fairness & Comedy Writer

Maura Quint of Americans for Tax Fairness joins the show to talk about closing the private equity loophole. You know, the real reason you can't afford a house or apart...

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Now Every Car Is Creepy, Not Just Your Windowless Van

In today's episode of our special report, "Stupid Sexy Privacy", we reveal just how much your car knows about you. And hey, guess what's cool again? Auxiliary cables!

#52 - Paris Marx

Paris is the host of "Tech Won't Save Us", a podcast meant to stomp out all of your delusions about the advancement of technology. Something BJ has been doing since 20...

Stupid Sexy Privacy: Your Smart TV May Be The Biggest Snitch In Your Home

Your TV has been watching you watch ... Well, everything. And it's not keeping those embarrassing secrets to itself! Find out who your SmartTV is snitching on you with...

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