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#11 - Jordan Blum

Jordan stops in to talk about superheroes, X-Men, and his work on the Modok series.

#10 - Swapna Krishna

Swapna joins us to talk about her new show on PBS, Far Out! We also nerd out quite a bit.

#9 - Aj Jacobs

Aj Jacobs talks with us about writing, making mistakes, Canadians and vultures.

#8 - Tai Leclaire

We sat down with Tai to talk about writing, workshopping, and golden rules.

#6 - Caped Joel

Joel talks youtube, exposure, and what it takes to be a long term content creator.

#5 - Calico Davis

Calico fills us in on her new YA Graphic Novel, how to write for a specific audience, and how to tell superhero stories from a different angle.

#4 - Eben Matthews

Eben chats with us about web3 and bringing a comic strip into the digital age.

#3 - Paracelsus Caspari

Para meets with us to talk about his art and how the pandemic pushed him back into doing what he loved.

#2 - JL Johnson

JL Johnson talks with us about all things comic books and how freely they can be used to tell a good story.

#1 - Hilton Ruiz

Filmmaker Hilton Ruiz talks with us about the challenges of breaking into the film industry and about how he brought his web series to the big screen.

#7 - Phillip Lindsay

Phillip talks with us about podcasting, wrestling journalism, and topics he was surprised to get a response on.

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